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“In the Meantime…” is my attempt to start a conversation among Christians about those ideas and experiences that matter most for us — that is the foundations of our faithing*. I hope you will browse the site, read a few posts, and then take time to comment. Spirited, respectful debate is fine. I am not interested, however, in spiteful or malicious sniping. Hopefully, you and I can both grow we share dialogue with each other.

Hopefully comments to particular posts might generate more extended discussions. I have added a Forum for Discussion to this blog for that purpose. If you wish to begin a discussion, leave a brief comment and include an invitation to continue in the Forum. To view Forum: Click for Forum or choose the Forum for Discussion” link on the sidebar –>

(Words followed by * — for example, Yeshua* — will be described in the Glossary.)

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Write My Own Bible?!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.57.36 PMTales of a Magic Monastery (Crossroad Publishing Co., 1988) is a delightful collection of stories by Theophany the Monk which help us rummage through our spiritual depths. My favorite is “Write My Own Bible?”

The monk goes on retreat, forgetting his Bible. He asks the guestmaster if he could borrow one. “Wouldn’t you care to write your own?” is the response he gets. “You could tell of a classic bondage and the great liberation, a promised land, sacred songs, a messiah — that kind of thing. Ought to be more interesting than just reading someone else’s Bible. And you might learn more.”

Four months ago I started a ‘project’ that has been like writing my own Bible. As I encounter a variety of scripture passages, I have been writing them in my own words. After reading a number of the works of philosopher-theologian John Caputo, I understand this re-writing as deconstruction*. Deconstruction* is the process of finding the heart of the text removed from its original context and then repeating that ‘heart’ in our current context. St. Frances calls the heart of a biblical text “the marrow of the gospel.”

As I continue to read (especially Elizabeth Boyden Howes, Jesus’ Answer to God, and Water Wink, The Human Being*: Jesus and the Enigma of the Son of the Man*) I have become captivated by the idea that the history of Christian thought has so focused on Jesus as the Messiah (Christ) that we have overlooked the power of messianism* which Jesus taught is accessible within each of us. The search for this messianic dynamic (which I sometimes call the God-process*) is evident in many my reflections on scripture.

I have found this project “more interesting than reading someone else’s Bible.” And I have learned much – about Yeshua*, about the church and its theological traditions, and about me!

Willing to think out of the box? Willing to engage in a journey whose destination is not yet fixed? Interested in discovering new (and, hopefully, refreshing) ways to connect with God who is as near as within you and me? Let’s discuss this together. Your comments — agreements and/or dissents – are the lifeblood of the process of maturing – “grow[ing] in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18)

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