Deconstructing Scripture

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.38.43 AMThe contemporary task of deconstruction is to find what St. Francis called “the marrow of the Gospel” and then to repeat (re-frame) it in the context of today’s understandings. Sometimes this seems to be more an issue of translation; other times; re-vamping the thought structure.

For me, deconstruction and repetition is a very personal task. Although I have had exegetical training, I do not approach this task primarily as an exegete. Instead, I am a seeker, trying to make sense of my life in today’s world — especially as it relates to the extraordinary and unprecedented insights Yeshua* brought into the collective unconscious. Exploring these insights often puts me at odds with traditional church teachings and with many of my Christian brothers and sisters. Walter Wink suggests that the “dynamic became doctrine.” I am more interested in the dynamic than the doctrine. As I continue in this search, my only caution is that I not let my shadow self engage in arrogance and dismissiveness.

I hope you will join my in this search for the dynamic contributions of Yeshua* — either as one who journeys a similar path or as one who sees the pot holes and pit falls along the path.

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[image:“Creative Commons Open Bible with pen Antique Grayscale by Ryk Neethling CC BY 2.0]

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