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Genealogy-300x254 I am a retired Bart - Fly FishingPresbyterian minister living in St.Louis, Missouri. I enjoy fly fishing, genealogy, and life-long learning. I am known as “PopPop” to my grandkids.  I engage in a regular discipline of reading new and challenging materials (biblical studies, theology, spiritual formation and, of course, mystery novels). To help better understand these challenges, I talk regularly (every day or two) with a dear friend, a soul brother. Our conversations help debrief the ideas in our readings and, more importantly, help us to explore the implications of what we have been reading for our respective faith journeys. Fortunately I participate in a community of faith (a Presbyterian church) where I am encouraged to share leadership in an adult Sunday School class where my anatheism (see below) is tolerated and, sometimes, even embraced.

[Note: Traditionally, Christian thinking about God is called “theism” — that is belief in a Supreme Being ‘out there’ who periodically intervenes in this world. Atheism can either be a dis-believing in God or a rejection of the theistic God out there. Anatheism literally means a return to God. After doing an a-theistic critique, one is left with a choice — either no God or a very different God. Ana-theism literally means a return to God. Of course, after a critique (and rejection) of a theist concept of God, one returns with a very different relationship to and understanding of God. “I the Meantime…” is my search into the mystery of this very different God.]

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