Messianic Good News

Ephesians 3:1-14

I, Paul, have been imprisoned because I have been spreading the good news about Yeshua, who embodies the new messianic vocation of Israel. This prison cell is but a bump in the road and will not deter me from making sure that Gentiles, like you, are included at the Great Banquet table. I want to make sure that you know how and why I understand the mystery of the Christ. Previously this mystery was hidden from humankind, but now has been revealed — namely, that the Gentiles have been brought into the fold along with the Jews. The messianic good news heralded by Yeshua is for you.

I have become an ambassador for this good news. I continue to teach and preach among the Gentiles so that the grace and compassion manifested by Yeshua might become the normalcy of civilization — so that the church might be a font of wisdom for the world and the nations might more closely resemble the Commonwealth of Peace and Justice. This is the messianic insistence to which Yeshua committed himself and in which we we become not only confident followers of Yeshua, but also bold agents of God. Don’t be distressed by my current circumstances. My being in prison has taken the heat off of you. I hope it also spurs you on toward the Commonwealth.

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