A Frank Conversation

Mark 13:3-13

One day, Yeshua had a frank conversation about the future with four of his disciples. They were curious about the direction that Yeshua’s preaching and teaching was seemingly taking. Especially they wanted to know how they could tell that the promises of the Way and the commonwealth of peace and tender justice were actually coming into reality. Yeshua warned them about being led astray. “Empire will continue to prosper in the affairs of men and women. Empires will do battle against each other, trying to become more and more powerful. Natural disasters will also continue to occur — hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, etc. injustice in human community will continue. In fact, you may even be the victims of such injustice. Don’t try to play their games by their rules. You have no chance in those circumstances. Instead, listen for that unheard inner voice that nudges and nags you until it becomes an insistent calling. Then respond faithfully; act in the same manner as you are certain that God would act. It won’t be easy. You will be vilified, ignored, betrayed, and perhaps even arrested. Stand firm and be faithful. Your endurance will be the precursor of the commonwealth.”

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