If There is Resonance

1 Corinthians 11:17-34a

I want to address some issues that you are facing as a community — namely, the estrangement, disruptions, and disaffections that have been rearing their ugly heads among and between you. I have observed how the Lord’s Supper has become, for many of you, a competition to see who can have the most favored seat at the table or who can eat and drink the most. Belching drunkenness from some while others are being sent away with hollow, empty stomachs is affront to the one whom the sacrament commemorates. So, listen up! I am giving to you that which I have received — Yeshua took the bread; he blessed and broke it, and then said: “When you eat this sacramental bread or drink this holy cup you are touching upon the deeper meaning of life; and you make yourself available to the mystery of the presence of God. Perhaps. Some of you, however, share in the sacrament for the express purpose of improving your social status or out of a deep concern for being perceived as a high level Christian.

Here is my advice for you. Pay attention to your behavior. If there is resonance between your behaviors and those of Yeshua, if you are courteous when you come to the Lord’s Table, if your demeanor and conduct are harbingers of the arrival of the Commonwealth, then your witness is true and you need to make sure you are present with the rest of the community. If not, stay at home, and ‘pig out’ to your hearts desire. Just make sure that you aren’t an embarrassment to Yeshua and those who gather in the name of God. Perhaps.

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