Where is God?

WhereGod is in…
      the beauty of the sunset
      the raging storm
      the explosion of a super nova
            (producing new elements for creation’s building blocks)
      the babbling brook
      the fertile potential of soil
      the smell of rain on a summer day
      the Big Bang
      the symbolism of the Temple curtain
           being torn asunder at the time of Jesus’ death
God is the power and creativity of the cosmos.

God is in…
      joy of holding a new-born child
      tears of the grieving
      anguish of the suffering
      attraction between young lovers
      caring patterns of life-long partners
      fears and confidences of those facing death
      Jesus’ sermon in his home temple declaring
            that God is on the side of the poor
God is the passion and energy of life itself.

God is in…
      the laboratory of the scientist seeking new discoveries
      the classroom where teachers are patiently encouraging learning
      the church-goer’s practice of studying scripture regularly
      the process of evaluating progress toward vision and goals
      the mentoring of the apprentice by the master
      the learning and the befuddlement of Jesus’ disciples
God is the unfolding of knowledge and wisdom.

God is in…
      the “aha” that old behavioral patterns are
            creating problems for the people around me
      the 14 month sobriety of an alcoholic
      the resistance of Teens to adult authority
      the turning of the seasons
      Jesus’ overturning the tables of the money-changers
God is the anguish and the joy of the process of transformation

God is in…
      teams of co-workers
      Jesus and Mary and Martha and Lazarus
God is the space between people, where compassion, peace, and justice are birthed

God is in…
      the curiosity of children
      the dreams of youth
      the plans of adult
the passions of reformers
      the visions of the mystics
      the faithful trust of Christians, Jews, Muslims,
            Buddhists, and even Athiests
      Jesus’ wilderness experience that something new
            was being expected from Israel
God is all that calls us beyond ourselves…
      all that stirs us toward compassion, peace, and justice
      all that claims the best of our intentions for humanity and nature
      all that insists that life moves forward

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