Expansive Spirituality — A Summary

CC0 1.0 (Public Domain)
CC0 1.0 (Public Domain)

Over the past 12 days I have posted a variety of brief essays describing a Resurrection-based Expansive Spirituality. I am in the process of reviewing and re-writing those post. Here is the outline (with links) of the posts:

Emerging Spirituality: the Expansive Event

Practices of an Expansive Spirituality

  1. Wholeness Living in the Shadow of the Impossible Possibility

  2. Engaging Tradition Deconstructing Tradition

  3. Discerning CallPaying Attention to the Insistence

  4. PresenceWith

  5. Prayer Incarnational Prayer

  6. Living in the NowThe Present Moment

  7. Openness & Mystery — Without Why

  8. Relational TrustTrust into Trust

  9. SolidarityCelebrating Solidarity in Community

  10. Reconciliation “When I Was the Forest” (poem by Meister Eckhart)

[Note: Meister Eckart’s poem was posted as an interlude. In retrospect, it is a thee-poetic description of reconciliation — especially with nature.]

I am in the process of re-framing this series of essays to a) use a more organic metaphor (planting and growing) to describe spirituality and b) to describe spiritual formation as a wholistic process engaging both crucifixion and resurrection.


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