Trust into Trust

Musings /Part 8/ on the Practices of a
Resurrection (Expansive) Spirituality

CC0 Public Domain
CC0 Public Domain

Deuteronomy 1:17 “divine justice is made manifest from trust into trust” (my translation)

Rowan Williams (Where God Happens: Discovering Christ in One Another) discusses the Desert Fathers and Mothers and suggests that the primary relational interaction focused on manifestation of thoughts (by the novice), asking for a word (from the more experienced and wise ones).

Manifestation of thoughts often requires our stumbling along to express something that is precious, yet not fully formed within us. We may be undecided about or not yet fully aware of that which is nudging, inviting, insisting us. So, manifesting our thoughts is offering a gift of our not-yet-fully-formed self to one whom we implicitly trust with that precious gift. When I manifest my thoughts to another I am not asking the other to solve my problem, to figure me out; instead, I am entrusting them with my being, asking them to come along side of me, helping me sharpen the focus of my concern… helping me see more than I am currently seeing… encouraging me to live more fully into the Mystery.

When someone comes to me, manifesting their thoughts, I accept their gift of trust. As our lives touch and bond in trust, a sacred space is created between us. That spaciousness is where we can both encounter Christ – that is, the well-spring of wholeness, the messianic impulse within and between, the inner dynamic of salvation and health. The sacred space between manifestation of thoughts and a word is the fount for healing to embrace us… for Mystery to touch us… for awe to overtake us… for abundant life to arise within us… for justice to reach out through us

No man has known perfect felicity,
Until his otherness is drowned in unity
– Angelus Silesius

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