Friendship as Collaborative Creativity

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“Creative Commons Friendship, Love & Truth” by plaisanter~ is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Reflections on a Friendship

We have learned
through years of collaboration and creativity
that we learn best together
that God most likely happens
   in the space between manifestation of thoughts
   followed by the giving of a word
      sometimes asked for
      sometimes just given
      always welcomed

Some of our best ideas
were spoken and then forgotten

We have learned
that we are at our best
   our most creative
   our most Yeshua-like
when we write and share
   and re-write

We approach our writing differently
poetics and theopoetics
reflections and responses
impressions and ambience
thoughts and feelings
order and ardor
position and passion
effect and affect

Of course its not quite so simple
as two different patterns of communicating
my thoughts invite your feelings
your feelings nudge my thoughts
thoughts and feelings call forth
   deeper streams of being!

Everything changed
when Jack Caputo
became the third person
in the friendship…
   weak theology
   jubilee 50
a strong insistence
to explore weak theology
and produce repetitions
using the language of theopoetics
in anticipation of the jubilee year
   that never actually arrives.

We examine and carefront
   our journeys
   our inner stories of the Way
   our respective life experiences
finding patterns beyond intuition
   insistences, nudges, invitations
      toward wholeness
      toward the Way of Yeshua 
      toward a life of faithing

Spooky, isn’t it?
Haunted by a friend who isn’t there
by a God who doesn’t exist,
   but insists
by the Way of Yeshua
   that seems impossible to live
yet that is who we have become
      might become
         can’t become.

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