For Today’s Leaders

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In a day when political debate has become a repetition of heartless slogans and spiteful sound bites, what can one say? Micah provides a clue.

Micah 3:1-3   1 Hear, leaders of Jacob, rulers of the house of Israel! Isn’t it your job to know justice?— you who hate good and love evil, who tear the skin off them, and the flesh off their bones, who devour the flesh of my people, tear off their skin, break their bones in pieces, and spread them out as if in a pot, like meat in a kettle.

[Scripture taken from the Common English Bible®, CEB® Copyright © 2010, 2011 by Common English Bible.Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.]

Reflections on Micah 3 for Today’s Leaders

Listen you political leaders. Your leadership should be based on justice rather than the insensitive (may I say evil) ways that you display. You are cannibals who regularly devour the people, bilking them out of what is rightfully theirs. You might as well break them into pieces and boil up the remains in a cauldron. Touting God, you are leading the nation astray, away from anything that even resembles the insistence, the calling that comes in the name of God. Perhaps.

You religious leaders are no better than the politicians, crying “Peace” while you wage war on the poor and deceive the rest. As a result of your leadership, the people live in increasing darkness, with no vision of what God expects of them. You all are a disgrace. You have nothing to say that even remotely conjures up the name of God. Perhaps.

Well, that all has got to end. I stand before you with an ache in my heart caused by a sure insistence, an unheard inner calling in the name of God. Perhaps. It is a word that trumps everything that you “leaders” have said and done. You spat upon justice and embraced inequity (iniquity). You have exercised power through violence and wrong-doing, building a society that is aimed in the wrong direction.

Do you truly think that bribery, favoritism, and exploitation are the ways sanctioned by God, the ways to build a sanctified nation? Not so! And as a result of what you have done, the United States will lose its place of prominence and prestige among the community of nations and Washington will be the laughing stock of the world, the butt of many jokes. You all who have tried to live high and mighty lives will be brought down off your high horses. This is the word of God. Perhaps.

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