The Interminable Reaches of Lent

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Creative Commons Ash Wednesday | Lent Season 2015” by John Ragai is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is the Lenten Season about something we do?  Or something we can become?  Can we move beyond the interminable reaches of Lent?

It’s two weeks since Ash Wednesday
And it is still Lent
But, I want to get to Easter…
     to new life…
     to something more…
          than the tedium of day-by-day living
          age-old expectations
          dreams dying on the vine

But, it is still Lent.

I want to hurry on
without the discipline that Lent demands
     without change
     without transformation
     without becoming new

I want to be alive
     more alive than I have ever been
     and I don’t want to have to work hard for it.
Change a few ideas?…
Change a few beliefs?…
Change the way I live my life?…
     Why would I want to do that?
     After all, I am one of the privileged…
I can get by
     on privilege alone
But can I?
When I read about Yeshua
     the stories are not about
     instead he was about
          being with the poor and the outcast
          troubling the authorities
          finding the Human response
               to human need
               to human yearning
               to human striving

Two weeks into Lent
and I am still concerned with little matters
     am I staying with it
     am I doing my readings for Atheism for Lent
Two weeks into Lent

     and I could be writing letters to my representatives
     and I could be working at the food bank
     and I could be volunteering at Boy’s & Girl’s Club
     and I could be campaigning for a promising candidate

Have I let Lent re-direct my energies
     deflect my passions
     divert my intent to break out of my boxes
     cover up my spiritual insensitivity

A tad more than four weeks to go
Lent reaches out to me
Will I be brave enough
     strong enough
     adventuresome enough
     tenacious enough
To turn the corner
     to escape my lethargy
     to break free of my self-imposed limitations
So that I can be what I have become
     and be what I am becoming
     and be what I deeply desire to be…
          compassionate, peaceful, and just
               in solidarity with the poor and disadvantaged
               in community with the hungry and thirsting
               in companionship with world around me

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