Second thoughts about Spiritual Formation

handAs we change the ways we approach scripture and re-define our core theological principles, it become necessary to reconsider the praxis (practice) of faithing*.  Paul Lehmann (Ethics in a Christian Context) suggested this question for reflection: “What am I, a believer in Jesus Christ and a member of his church, to do?”

For the past year, I have been engaged in the disciplined reading of significant materials that have stretched me and my colleague, friend, soul brother. It has not just been the reading. Each day or two we are in communication with each other, talking about what we have been reading. Those discussions (perhaps, following Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline, ‘dialogues’ would be the better term) lead us beyond the confines of the content we have been reading into an in-depth exploration of our respective faith journeys.

I am convinced that, as a participant in the life of the church and the society within which we live. the praxis (practice) of faithing* is far more important than the content of our belief systems. We are what we do.

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