The Event of the Unconditional

Reflections and musings occasioned by Caputo, The Folly of God.

The event is exposure to the folly of an unconditional call—not absolute knowledge but the in-breaking of the promise/threat of a future that we cannot see coming. That event is the embodiment of our aspirations, not the bodying of Supreme Being or Absolute Spirit. Religion is the score of a poly-stylist symphony whose music expresses our sense of claim laid upon us by the totality of otherliness—ambivalent tonality, at times appearing grotesque according to worldly standards, steeped in tradition but not bound to it, with a hint of romanticism mixed in asl evening in the loaf. 

When the event of the unconditional comes upon you, it is likely to turn your world topsy turvy, inside-out. After all, it is not the great theologians who are the voice of the unconditional. Instead, it is the hungry, the suffering, the weak, the socially un-washed, the left out and left behind. Their voices are muted by the principalities and powers of the world. They will only be heard if you listen within the deafening hush of the silence within. 

The world creates a lot of noise—a strategy to keep us away from the hush of silence where a different world is claimed. That claim is the compassionate commonwealth of peace and tender justice (kingdom of God).


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