The Boston Declaration

Yesterday, a group of 200 theologians and other religious leaders—mostly from universities and seminaries—released a statement “to dramatically grieve over the corruption of US Christianity and to call the country into a time of reflection and action to end oppression.”

The Boston Declaration: A Prophetic Appeal to Christians of the United States is an 1800 word statement that sets the Jesus Way as grieving (lamenting) over a society that has failed its basic values of community and diversity, retreating into ideological despair and divisiveness

The  Declaration ends with a “Call to Action” based on Joshua 24:15—“Choose you this day whom you will serve!” It begins with these words . . .

Today, we as Christian followers of the Jesus Way, call on the people of the United States who call themselves by the name of Jesus, to reject all political and social movements that do not lead to life.

. . . and is followed by ten specific arenas for action.

The press release ends with this statement, “The signers of the BOSTON DECLARATION will strategize throughout the United States to interrogate both Democratic and Republican 2018 candidates on their commitment to the concerns addressed in the pronouncement.”

The full text of the Boston Declaration can be found at:

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