A Holy Land Journal: “Qumran”



        a desolate community in a desolate wilderness
              a place to get away from the violence of the city.
       To escape urban violence into the desert
              is to face the violence within.

Jesus went into desolation
                   into the Judean Wilderness
                             to prepare his ministry.
       The Temptations came …
              the lure of worldly violence

           (disguised as wealth, power, status),
              and the experience of inner violence
                      (staying in control, having it your own way,
                       not paying the price).

Jesus was able to face the Temptation
       and say: “No!”
I face the Temptation
       and say: “I’d rather not, but tell me more!”

Our Biblical forebears heaped up a pile of stones
       to commemorate something special that happened.
Today Middle Easterners throw stones
       when they are angry.

Stones are so plentiful in the Middle East…
              and in our lives

    weapons for our violence and building blocks for our spirituality.

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