A Holy Land Journal: “Kinneret”


Sea? Lake?
Most Holy Font!
Setting for Jesus’ Ministry

To stand at the bow of a boat on the Sea of Galilee
as many of the early disciples must have stood
              rain blowing in my face …
              mist too heavy to see much but the shadowy gray of the surrounding mountains …
              cold wind cutting to the quick …
              sounds of conversation from another boat …
              a piper on the hills along the shore …
              the chanting of the seagulls …

              the lapping of the waters on the boat …
             all break the reverie of early morning.

If you listen carefully in the silence
       you can almost hear
              the echoes of fishermen long past
Listen yet more carefully and you might hear
       reflected from the surrounding hills 
             the echoes of a preacher,
              whose followers called him
                      Tzaddik (Righteous One) and
                      Rabbi (Teacher).
His voice yet hovers over the waters
       and hovers within my heart.

Lake mist, mountain fog …

    and it all begins to emerge more clearly
Yes! the Gospel is written in words on paper.
       But even more, He is inscribed on
              the waters of Lake Kinneret, and on

       the Plains of Bethsaida & Genneseret, and on
               hillsides and mountains …
       The Fifth Gospel the Galilee.

And, of course,
The Sixth Gospel …
       written on the hearts of
              the irascible fisherman named Peter,
              the tentmaker named Paul,
       the friar named Francis,

       the civil rights leader named Martin,
              the Presbyterian pastor named Bart,
       and generations more

    and generations yet to come.

And the writing began in a village named Compassion!

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