Time to Celebrate (Provisionally)!

It all began as a conversation while sharing a long automobile trip. At first it was a series of eleven questions that my friend, Wayne Purintun, and I framed for possible blog topics. Not many miles passed before we knew that we had, in a preliminary way, identified approximately eleven topics which could be chapters in a book. There and then we agreed to co-write the book we had just outlined.

The first draft of our book has been completed—eleven chapters, a preface, an afterword, and an appendix—175 pages, about 80,000 words. The title is Stirring Waters: Wrestling with Faith in a Restless world. There is still work to be done prior to submitting a manuscript to Westbow Press, who will be publishing the book.

It has been a learning experience—one that affirms a collaborative style of approaching a project. In addition to writing as co-authors, we have had about 15 people who read and critiqued the various chapters as they were being written. Their input made our writing better than it would have been.

While we have submitted all fourteen documents to our copy editor, we are still tweaking the drafts to conform with the Chicago Manual of Style and the guidelines of Westbow Press. Hopefully the book will be available before the end of the year—but no promises.

In the meantime, Wayne and I are shifting our immediate focus as we are readying ourselves for a pilgrimage to Nova Scotia. You may ask “Why a pilgrimage?” and “Why Nova Scotia?” I will address that in a post on Monday July 3rd, the day we begin our pilgrimage.

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  1. It was a pleasure and fun to be a part of your book journey. The two of you will be in my prayers as you take your pilgrimage through Nova Scotia and look forward to enjoying this journey through your blogs

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