Write Your Own Post

For a change of pace, why not write your own blog post instead of reading someone else’s. Not sure where to begin? Following are some beginning questions to ponder.  I’d love to hear some of your stories.

  • What is before you now, stirring within you, nudging you, wanting to come to life in and through you? Are you embracing or resisting it? Where do you find support for your journey in faith as you wrestle with these stirrings?
  • What brings you hope and joy? How do you incorporate that hope/joy into your life? 
  • What angst brings you to tears? Can you explore those tears without fear? While fear often produces anger, does your anger get transformed into a passion leading to redemptive action?
  • As you examine your continuing faith formation (including your involvement – or lack thereof – in church) what hesitations present themselves? what possibilities? Where do you find hope and the permission to make those scary decisions that are hope-filled and leading to a more abundant life?
  • Over and over Yeshua is recorded as saying, “Fear not!” How does “fear not” get into our bones, into the gristle of our lives? What has been (or might have been) helpful in your formation as you discover / access / attain the vulnerability of falling into (God’s) grace? of living out of a bedrock of trust and hope?
  • How have you experienced the challenge to embrace living into a “new” way that understands your life as an integral part of the connection and interactivity of all creation – from Higgs boson to the most distant galaxy? How does that connectedness of all invite you to both responsibility and enjoyment?
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