Active Fermentation

2 Corinthians 5:6-10, 14-17

There is a confidence that builds in us as we learn to listen to the insistence of God (perhaps), that unheard inner calling. That confidence is also known as faithing. Faithing is flip side of calling. When we sense that insistence, we become accountable for our response – a response which makes God present in the world. This pattern (Insistence generating Response becoming Presence) is crucial, for God exists in name only unless we act in God’s name, thus manifesting God to the world. And what is the nature of that manifestation of God (perhaps) — it is simply the spreading of the effects of the Way Yeshua lived and taught, the presence of the commonwealth of peace and tender justice. During his earthly existence Yeshua did remarkably well. We see the messianic hopes of Israel unmistakably present in all that he did and taught. We are confident, therefore, that the creation has turned a corner. The commonwealth is already present, like yeast in bread dough.

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