A Choice!

Deuteronomy 30:15-20 

You have a choice to make — life or death, prosperity or adversity. It is that insistence which I have experienced and which I pass on to you, a deep inner calling in the name of God. Perhaps. Follow the Way which is described in the commandments and decrees and ordinances in the name of God (perhaps) and you will live the insurrection life that challenges the systems of this world and moves toward a new kind of life — perhaps even life in the land of milk and honey. It is a choice between a life of blessing in the name of God (perhaps) or a cursed death lived under the specter of empire, and not only for you but for your descendents. The calling comes in the name of God (perhaps); attend to that insistence and let your response be as audacious, outlandish, and faithful as was the response of our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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