Living Water

Reflections on Thirst for God (after reading Reuben Job)

Whenever you have experienced great thirst, you have subsequently been aware how refreshing water can be. When the Samaritan woman ran into Yeshua at Jacob’s well, she was just trying to quench her physical thirst. Encountering Yeshua, however, she experienced something far deeper — namely, a thirst for connection with divine mystery and meaning. Yeshua was responding to that deeper calling.

The desire for connection with divine mystery and meaning seems to be universal, as if our very creatureliness has been formed around that desire. It almost seems imprinted through our DNA. In the rush of daily living, it is easy to ignore, deny, or bury this desire under multiple layers of distractions. And yet, when we face the significant ups and downs of life, that desire becomes manifest in us once again… it is an insistence that we experience inwardly that makes us aware that companionship with that calling, that insistence, that nudge, that invitation, that still small voice within, is our life-blood. It is at these moments that we are aware that life lived outside of this insistent calling is not a possibility that we can easily sustain. We have been created to hear and follow this calling in the name of God (perhaps) just as much as we have been created as ones who must have water to survive.

Today we still look to Yeshua for living water. Joining together in companionship with Yeshua and those who have chosen to follow in the Way he lived and taught is the very thing that will quench our thirst. Like the Psalmist, we thirst for connection with divine mystery and meaning. The good news is that Yeshua’s Way will satisfy that thirst.

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