Praise! Praise!

Psalms 146:1-10         Praise insistence in the name of God. Perhaps. Praise! Praise! I will sing the praises of God’s insistence, that unheard inner calling that we simply cannot escape. I do not put my trust in empires and politicians. They are of little help. But I do trust those who wait and listen in order that they might hear the quiet voice of insistence that shouts inwardly, awakening us to the conditions of the oppressed. As I hear that divine insistence, the calling that comes in the name of God (perhaps), I know that we are being beckoned toward the commonwealth of peace and tender justice. May the despondent be set free from that which imprisons them; those short-sighted freed from their blindness; the ones who are burdened with heavy loads helped to stand straight and tall; strangers shown deep rich hospitality; orphans and widows be cared for. All this while the wicked are hoisted on their own petard. May the commonwealth of peace and tender justice become the normalcy of civilization until the end of time.

We place the name of God on our best hopes for the world. Ironically, we know that it is the vitality of our loving care that makes a difference in the world and makes God present to that difference. When we go astray, insistence in the name of God (perhaps) shows us the way to return to full, rich life. We know that human institutions falter, so we stake our hope on the insurrection of the Commonwealth of Peace and Justice. That hope takes on reality when kindness is shown to those lost, ill, oppressed, disregarded, or trodden down by any and all forms of adversity. That kindness is the hallmark of the Way lived and taught by Yeshua. At the time of his death Yeshua cried out with a sense of forsakenness. When we hear that forsaken cry echo down through the ages we are reminded (actually it is much stronger than that — we are insisted upon, called to reach out to those forsaken in life)…  it is then that we  know that the Commonwealth of Peace and Justice is founded on “the preferential option for the poor (and forsaken).” Yeshua has shown us the Way. Therefore we praise all that insisted him and us.

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