Prayer for Purity of Heart


God, who calls us to all that is good and just, nudge us, beckon us, invite us with such insistence that we find the courage to walk the Way with integrity, that we attend to the wisdom of Yeshua as a guide that levels the playing field so that we participate in a vital Christianity that seeks out the least, the lost, the last, and the left out. Let your insistence  marshall the forces of our strengths as well as calling us to use gifts that we never knew we had or that we have been afraid to exercise. Above all, we pray that our responses to your insistent calling will arise out of purity of heart which is, as Kierkegaard said, conforming our will to the truth that resonates with your audacious act of kenosis — that is, that we might give away our very selves for the sake of the world. Let it be so!

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