Local Boy Makes Good

Mark 6:1-13

Yeshua headed home with the disciples in tow. On the sabbath he was invited to preach in the synagogue where he astounded many. They wondered how a local boy, without any formal education, could be so wise. They were aware that he seemed to exude a kind of spiritual power. Not at all what they expected from the son of a local tradesman, one whose very family they all knew. Suspecting that Yeshua was lording it over them, they took offense. Yeshua responded, “Prophets are respected everywhere except where they are personally known — home town, family, even their own home.” Their lack of respect surprised him.

He left there to teach in the surrounding villages. He gathered the twelve together and commissioned them to go out in pairs, taking nothing with them but a walking stick, the clothes on their back, and the sandals on their feet. They were to accept hospitality along the way, and not be dismayed when hospitality was not offered. In that latter instance they were simply to move on. He told them that they were commissioned with the authority to preach and heal. And that is exactly what they did.

Do we (can we) function with that same authority?

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