In Weakness, Strength

2 Corinthians 12:2-10

An acquaintance, a follower of Yeshua, had a mystical experience 14 years ago. As a result he understands things that most of us can’t grasp. While I have had a similar experience, I want to talk about my weakness and short-comings, not my strengths or superiority, so that no one will think that I am lording it over them. In fact, one of my short-comings is like a thorn in my flesh. I kept praying that it would go away, but an insistence in the name of God (perhaps) kept nudging and nagging at me suggesting that one result of the grace I had received was that the understanding of power and weakness was turned upside-down and inside-out. I have come to realize that if I only rely on my strengths, that I have blocked the messianic from even touching me. So, I have become content with my weaknesses and short-comings; I am willing to continue facing rigors and hardships, trials and tribulations. All this for the messianic which was initiated by Yeshua, for in my weakness I find strength and energy.

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