That Troubling Voice

Isaiah 58:1-12

Pay attention, you people who consider yourselves to be specially connected to God. Take stock of your behavior; let it proclaim whose side you are on! While you pretend to be God’s, you serve your own interests. You argue and present a mean countenance while you strike out at those around you. Your actions shackle others, enslaving them in rules and regulations designed to feather your nest. And you do so with self-righteous arrogance that proclaims itself as God’s will. No way! If you listened more carefully, you just might hear a small voice within you suggesting, nudging, nagging you to pay attention to the hunger of others while you feast in the luxury of your abundance.

That troubling voice which upsets you (if you would only allow it to) is the voice that comes in the name of God. Perhaps. Let me put it more clearly: when you are troubled (even in the least) about what you have and/or about what others lack, that is God speaking directly to you.

Pay attention! God’s voice always stands with the oppressed and against injustice. Feed the hungry and oppose every system and structure that strives to keep them hungry. Stand with the afflicted and listen for the causes of their affliction so that you may help the afflicted overcome them. That is the way to get on God’s side. Do that and you will be a beacon in the darkness, a fresh spring in the desert. Then you will have laid a foundation upon which future generations can build, a community which bears the name of God. Perhaps.

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