When We Respond

Psalm 104:24-35

O Lord, you have insisted and your people have responded with wisdom. And not just your people; so also the creatures of land and sea. There are natural processes that provide sustenance for the creatures. When those processes are impeded, the creatures die off. When people don’t experience insistence, an unheard inner calling in the name of God (perhaps), they become anxious and are filled with consternation. When they re-claim a sense of calling their lives are refreshed and God becomes present to the world once again. When that happens, the earth will tremble and the volcanos will spew forth smoke and steam. As long as I live, I will meditate on the significance of all that exists in the name of God. Perhaps. To the sidelines with those of you who can’t stomach the idea that there is a religious spirit in people who respond to a calling. As for me, I will continue to live my life as a response to an insistence, an unheard inner calling, in the name of God. Perhaps.

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