Working with Messiah

Colossians 3:1-17

Are you one of those who claims that Yeshua is the promised one of Israel, called Messiah in the name of God? Perhaps. If so, then you have set your sights pretty high. Don’t settle for less. Your life is inextricably intertwined with Yeshua, with Messiah, with all that is in the name of God. Perhaps. Don’t depend on worldly standards or mores. Don’t engage in promiscuity, corruption, maliciousness, or exploitation even though those behaviors seem endemic in too much of modern society. Also rid yourself of animosity, resentment, spite, backbiting, and bullying. You are in the process of being re-formed into the Way of Yeshua, transformed by the insistence of an unconventional, even radical, wisdom in the name of God. Perhaps. That wisdom blurs the distinctions between Arabs and Jews, Tea Partyers and Progressives, Wall Street moguls, felons, the homeless and suburbanites. Yeshua’s Way invites them all. So, hang in there together. Don’t get disappointed with each other. Let forbearance and forgiveness become the currency of your relationships. Wrap yourselves in love and wholeness. Seek peace in the world and in your community. Cultivate thankfulness. Let the insistence of Yeshua in the name of God (perhaps) impel you forward toward the Commonwealth of Peace and Justice. That is the radical, unconventional wisdom which animates your community and demonstrates itself in the liveliness of your worship. Whatever you do, whatever you say, make sure it conforms to the Way of Yeshua and is generated by the insistence, that unheard inner calling, in the name of God. Perhaps. Do all that and “Surprise!” – Yeshua’s messianic calling has become your messianic calling. If Messiah’s work is to be done, you and I will have to do our part.

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