Wise Leadership

1 Chronicles 28:1-10

David assembled all those in positions of leadership — administrators, military leaders, governmental managers, palace officials — and addressed them. “It was my hope, to build a grand temple. I envisioned that temple to be a permanent repository for the ark of the Covenant, as well as a physical representation of God’s presence in our midst, a place for us to showcase God to the world. While I may have originally thought that this was in keeping with God’s insistence, it has become clear that doing so was my intention, but not God’s. It seems that empire-building and violence have disqualified me. You all know the story of how I was chosen to be king in accordance with God’s insistence, God’s calling. It would appear that I was correct in discerning a divine invitation to build a temple; but wrong in assuming that it would be my job to build it. Instead, that same insistence that a temple be build, insists that my son, Solomon, succeed to the throne upon my death. It is he who is to build the temple. If Solomon continues to pay attention to the least, the last, the lost, and the left out, then God will continue to pay attention to his leadership. Follow Solomon’s wise leadership in order that you may follow God’s calling, including the building of the temple.

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