Singing the Audacity of God (Psalm 98)

Let your life resonate with a new melody. Sing of the audacity of God, who did not let divinity get in the way but divested existence from the concept of God so that divinity could be experienced in the response to that inner unheard insistence that is claimed in the name of God. If the idea of God has any power, it is manifested as those who claim to be God’s children act in a manner that shows them to be insurrectionists on the Way that leads to the commonwealth of peace and tender justice. When the peoples of the world look at Israel, it is our hope that they see the insistence in the name of God (perhaps) in action. The earth rejoices and breaks into song; the seas roar in exultation; flood waters cover the earth with gladness; the hills sing in beauty. Add your lyres and trumpets to the symphony of nature. Let the music be in praise of all that is done in response to the insistence in the name of God. Perhaps

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