Invest Yourself and Be Transformed

1 Peter 5:1-11

As one elder to other elders, I have a word for you, distilled from my attending to that unheard inner voice that comes in the name of God. Perhaps. Insofar as possible make sure that your leadership is in tune with God. Check it against the Way lived and taught by Yeshua. Remember, your job is not to lord it over them. Instead be an example of one who has committed his/her life to solidarity with the poor, the suffering, and the marginalized. Listen carefully to those whose lives exude wisdom and compassion. Let your life be filled with integrity, wholesomeness, and humility as you deal with people in the church and outside it.

Listen carefully for God’s call. It probably won’t come as a blinding light or deafening roar. Instead it will likely be an unheard inner voice that nudges and nags at you, until you respond. Don’t worry if you don’t hear it at first. Stay alert, keep an open mind, and remain connected to your brothers and sisters in the messianic community. Will everything go smoothly? Probably not. While you are waiting for that word to manifest itself to you, you will likely experience a deep sense of aloneness, isolation, even forsakenness. Hang in there! At those difficult times you will be experiencing the anguish of Yeshua. You will be bearing your cross. In Yeshua and with your sisters and brothers in the messianic community you will find comfort, encouragement, tenacity, and a listening ear. Therein is your promise and your power! Invest yourself in that durable energy and be transformed!

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