Here is My Real Family

Mark 3:20-35

Yeshua’s popularity was a mixed blessing. The crowd ascended while he was trying to eat a meal. Some were saying that he was a mad man. His family was concerned that he might react inappropriately and went to where he was dining. Yeshua had shouted to those in the crowd who were mocking him, “You consider me devilish and evil? If that be the case, how do I then help others to resist devilish evil in their lives and find the healing light of goodness?  I teach forgiveness, that even irreverence and disbelief can be forgiven. Where forgiveness is not effective, however, it is the haughty arrogance that ‘knows’ it is right and has no need of forgiveness. At this point his mother and brothers and sisters arrived. Being unable to make their way through the crowd, they called out to Yeshua. A few who close to him said, “Your family is here and they are asking for you.” “Here is my real family,” he replied, gesturing to those who sat at table with him. “Those who follow in the Way of God that I teach, they are my brothers, my sisters, and my mother.”

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