Where God Hangs Out

Luke 21:5-19

A group of church members were trying to outdo one another in praising their grand old church building. For them it was a place of beauty and the place where they could count on God’s presence. Yeshua happened upon them and said, “This building is just a temporary edifice, not destined to last forever.” They were shocked and asked, “How can this be? How do you know this?” Yeshua continued, “Don’t put your faith in buildings. They can lead you astray. They are like preachers who lead their flock to a mountain top to await the rapture. These are trying times – wars and rumors of war, earthquakes and hurricanes, famines and plagues, and much worse. You will find yourselves at odds with the civil authorities and probably at odds with others within the church. Let your witness in these circumstances be guided by wisdom and by your calling. That may not be satisfactory for your family and friends. Some may even hate you. But that is not the final word. If you can face this with abundant life, you will have your reward. Enjoy it, for you will have found the true temple where God hangs out!

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