A Bold and Faithful Response

Daniel 3:8-18


Nebuchadnezzar said the the three captive Jews, “‘Fess up, boys! Do you actually listen to me and my gods? I need to know. When the trumpet sounds, calling us to worship before the golden statue which I had erected, what do you do? If you worship with us, I am very pleased; if not, off the the furnace to be incinerated with the rest of the trash.” Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego responded quickly. “No worries, O King, no lies, no promises, no defense. We only listen to that which insists, that unheard inner calling, in the name of our God. Perhaps. Our deliverance has nothing to do with your practices or your furnace. If that is not clear enough for you, than try this: we will not listen to you when you try to dictate our worship, we will not listen because we know that your gods do not insist upon us, we will not worship at your golden statue, pretending that it represents reality. Do with us as you will.

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