Groaning Won’t Get You There

Psalm 32:-11

What is happiness? Is it wealth? Or social standing? Or celebrity status? Or having power? Not so much! True happiness comes from wholeness and integrity. You are made whole again when your words or behaviors that caused a relational break with another are overtaken by a forgiveness that binds up wounds, heals the broken places, frees you from guilt and embarrassment, and sets the relationship on a new journey. Groaning won’t get you there; nor will theatrics or molly-coddling or pleading. First, you have to be honest with yourself; then, honest with the person you wronged. If you try to hide it at any level, its iniquity will leak out and do you in. On the other hand, when I pay heed to the insistence in the name of God (perhaps) and follow where it leads, I find refuge, a safe haven. I find myself protected from trouble and, yet, often in big trouble with the world. God’s calling beckons me to the Way, the Way of Yeshua that nudges and cajoles and invites me. Oh, yes, I can be mule-ish and hard-headed, needing to curb my quick and sardonic wit, tempering it with compassion. I have learned to trust myself; now the challenge is to trust in Yeshua and our mutual calling. That is true joy and great happiness!

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