A Messianic Wholeness

1 Peter 1:10-19

With regard to this concern for the wholeness of life (which is sometimes referred to as salvation), there has been a consistent message throughout our tradition — check out the messages of the prophets, listen to the rabbis. The insistence in the name of God (perhaps) has been present as a foretaste of the messianic or, as we might say, the Spirit of Christ. That insistence puts the messianic on the side of the poor and the suffering. You are to be on their side too, bring them into the reality of the commonwealth of peace and tender justice where the distinctions between black and white, male and female, Democrat and Republican, gay and straight, Arab and Jew, powerful and power-less, immigrants and residents… where those distinctions no longer are valued as if they were determinative of a person’s true worth.

So, get yourselves ready for the journey ahead. Decide what part of the calling is yours to perform and do it, always being supportive of others in the community whose calling is to another portion of the action. Be whole and wholesome as a person when you invite others into the messianic wholeness of the Way lived and taught by Yeshua that is the hallmark of the Commonwealth. It may at times feel as if you have been banished and are in exile. Don’t despair, that is exactly where Messiah dwells, where you will encounter the Presence of God. Perhaps. When you are aware of that Presence, it will be for you as if you have had a transfusion of life-giving blood. You will be renewed and the Way ahead will no longer seem futile.

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