A Strong Desire Deep Within

Psalm 130:1-8

Deep within me, O Lord, is a strong desire to hear from you. I want that unheard voice within me to sense your insistence, to hear your calling, to experience your nagging nudge. Without that I am undone and have no foundation upon which to build my life. Forgive my impatience; it is a sign of how important this is for me. I am waiting for a word to come in the name of God. Perhaps. Listening for that insistence in an unheard inner voice is more compelling than waiting for the sun to rise each morning. O Israel, O Church, put your hope in that calling that comes in the name of God. Perhaps. When it comes, it will require persistent love that transforms life. It calls forth a redeeming love that turns life inside-out and upside-down, a foretaste of the commonwealth of peace and tender justice.

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