Possessed by Possessions

Matthew 19:16-22

A young man came to Yeshua and said, “Good Teacher. I am looking for one good deed that I can do to be saved, earning eternal life. Can you point me in the right direction? “Your attention is focused on being ‘good.’ Instead, you need to shift your attention to living a meaningful life. You can do that by keeping the commandments.” “Which ones?” came the retort. Even though the young man was testing Yeshua’s patience, Yeshua calmly replied, “Don’t murder, commit adultery, steal, or bear false witness. Respect your parents and approach your  neighbors with honesty.” “You are describing me to a T,” said the young man, “am I missing something?” Yeshua said, “If you want to be a whole person who lives with integrity, divest yourself of those possessions that possess you. Sell them and use the money for empowering the marginalized. That will raise you into the presence of the eternal in the midst of your current life. Come and join me as I seek to follow in the Way that leads to abundant life.” It was all too much for the young man. He couldn’t conceive of parting with his possessions, for they really did possess him.

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2 Replies to “Possessed by Possessions”

  1. I have enjoyed and gained from reading the interpretations without having the actual scripture verse printed and there for me to read. The scripture verse as in the Bible just takes me back to my Sunday school and training days and courses me, personally, to recoil. Keep doing what you are doing and expanding and justifying my horizon.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. Early on I also published the original text. Recently I have just been publishing my deconstructed, reframing if the passage. Since it is technically not a translation I feel better this way. I am trying to grasp the “marrow” of the text and then say it in a way that seems to make more sense for today.

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