Not a Panacea

2 Corinthians 6:1-13

As we cooperate in mission and ministry, let us not forget why we are working together. It is because we attend to that insistence which calls us to action in the name of God. Perhaps. That very insistence arises deep within us — individually and collectively — and shows us the Way of the commonwealth of peace and tender justice, which is our salvation. And it is all about ‘right now!’ Don’t get me wrong… the very fact that you have chosen to follow in this Way does not prove to be a panacea that removes all obstacles and troubles from us. We may actually end up having to show great endurance in the face of afflictions, beatings, calamaties, hunger, sleepless nights, and even imprisonment. Do not be overcome by these hardships. Instead, confront them with pure hearts, wisdom, compassion, truthfulness, and the kind of love that Yeshua demonstrated by his life and in his teachings. Keep your integrity, regardless of how you are treated by others. Do not permit them to kill your spirit. Instead, rejoice in the face of adversity. If you lack all that the world demands of you and remain in the Way, you will have everything that you need. I am being brutally honest with you so that you may open your hearts and minds to the fulness of abundant life.

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