Working Outline for a Book

Since a number of you responded to the report that I was focusing on writing a book (or were you just happy that I would not be posting on the blog for the next couple of weeks?), I have decided to share the working outline.  (Perhaps I might share snippets of the book in the future — no promises, just a “perhaps.”)

Teetering on the Brink:
Awakening into Unknowing
Bart L Brenner (Haunted Writer)  & Wayne E Purintun (Ghost Feeler)

Working Outline

1. “I don’t know if it actually happened this way, but I know that the story is true.” (Thoughts about the Bible)

2. What is this Presence that keeps troubling me? (Windows on God)

3. Who is Yeshua and why does he keep invading my space? (Parables about Jesus)

4. Why is Mystery so Mysterious? (Whisperings of Holy Spirit)

5. Will my local Christian community ever resemble Jesus’ basileia theou [kingdom of God]? (the Church and it Leaders)

6. When God and Pharaoh clash inside me, is there any hope? (Culture)

7. I’m a good person, why do I have to be just? (Justice and Ethics)

8. Am I on a faith journey or wandering through the wilderness or just wobbling? (Spirituality)

9. When will my head and heart embrace? (Personal Wholeness and Salvation)

10. In the final analysis, is there any final analysis? (Eschatology and the Last Things)

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