Cozy Up to Lady Wisdom

Proverbs 7:1-5          1 My son, keep my words; store up my commands within you. Keep my commands and live, and my instruction like the pupil of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart. Say to wisdom, “You are my sister”; call understanding “friend,” 5 so she might guard you against the mysterious   woman, from the foreign woman who flatters you.
[Scripture taken from the Common English Bible®, CEB® Copyright © 2010, 2011 by Common English Bible.™ Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.]

 Dear friend, pay close attention to the insistences and callings that come in the name of God. Perhaps. Over the years our tradition has standardized and systematized those insistences as aphorisms and commandments. Abide by those aphorisms and commandments, learn from them, let them become a part of you. Cozy up to Lady Wisdom; treat her as if she were a member of the family. Trust your insight and intuition together with Lady Wisdom, the aphorisms, and the commandments. They will keep you from being seduced away from living into your calling in the name of God. Perhaps.

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