A New Song

Psalm 98      
1 Sing to the Lord a new son because he has done wonderful things! His own strong hand and his own holy arm have won the victory! The Lord has made his salvation widely known; he has revealed his righteousness in the eyes of all the nations. God has remembered his loyal love and faithfulness to the house of Israel; every corner of the earth has seen our God’s salvation.
[Scripture taken from the Common English Bible®, CEB® Copyright © 2010, 2011 by Common English Bible.™ Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.]

It is time to sing a new song about God. The old songs were about a transcendent, powerful God who intervened in history, sometimes to direct the fortunes of war. Now it is time to sing songs of love and faithfulness within the created order. That is where God is resident. Let the seas sing psalms of joy; the torrential downpours fill the rivers and streams with applause; the hills and the meadows join in choruses of hallelujah. Let the nations of the world and all the people become the poetry of peace, love, and justice — for that is where God’s presence is known. The lack of these songs is judgment upon our propensity for bleak outlooks. Replace your dour disposition with righteousness and equity for others. That is the assessment of God’s calling.

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