Reflections — Day Three

"Creative Commons Pride Flag" by BluEyedA73 is licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Creative Commons Pride Flag” by BluEyedA73 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando shooting The tipping point? Many have begun to think and feel and act differently because of it. Certainly many of us have been musing about what is on the horizon for our society. 

My friend, Wayne Purintun, is one of those thoughtful ones. After conversations with members of the gay community, in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, he spent three days reflecting and journaling. 

Today’s post is the third of three, containing the words from his journal. I commend his reflections to you.

Day Three

the circumstances
of my life
say stay
where you are
Don’t move on
and so
I reflect
on the silences
of waiting
and being present
to this moment
I hear the
noise of motors
and the clatter
of work on
the street
the sounds
of life
and the
activity of the
world around me.
I sense
the urge to
make meaning
out of
I am reaching
out to distract
myself from the present

The reality
of my NOW
is mis-perceived
as anger –

So my statement
of what is
has a spin
I had not


Perhaps the
signal is one
of interpreting
all responses
as anger
until proven

That gives me
a culture of
anger and resentment
P E R H A P S !

So we question
anything other
than that feeling
or response –

So life goes on
   So I move on

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