Reflections — Day Two

"Creative Commons Pride" by Daniel Lobo is licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Creative Commons Pride” by Daniel Lobo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando shooting The tipping point? Many have begun to think and feel and act differently because of it. Certainly many of us have been musing about what is on the horizon for our society. 

My friend, Wayne Purintun, is one of those thoughtful ones. After conversations with members of the gay community, in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, he spent three days reflecting and journaling. 

Today’s post is the second of three, containing the words from his journal. I commend his reflections to you.


Day Two

I listen
I read
I reflect
there is the silence.
No answers
no word
no feeling
We do not
We do not
or feel
our energy
shapes a reaction
a revenge
a blame
mis-naming the intentions
just confusion
that freezes us.
And in that moment
   there is no word
We have
   turned off
   all receptors.
all the faucets
   there is no water
   we are dried up.
   in need of a
   saline solution of love.
You are my beloved son
   with whom I
   am well pleased
and we are deaf
   without hearing aids
   in need of a caring
   to take our hand
      and put it under
      a faucet
and say water
   writing it on our hands
      and our heart
Blind, deaf, and dumb
   the hug of humanity
      the embrace of a community
   the insistence
      of God, Perhaps

The wall is high
   and yet the
      light penetrates

   the container of our life
      and we experience
         I Am Who I Am
   I Am
      in this moment

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