Reflections — Day One

"Creative Commons Pride" by Michael Ruiz is licensed under CC BY 2.0
“Creative Commons Pride” by Michael Ruiz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando shooting The tipping point? Many have begun to think and feel and act differently because of it. Certainly many of us have been musing about what is on the horizon for our society. 

My friend, Wayne Purintun, is one of those thoughtful ones. After conversations with members of the gay community, in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, he spent three days reflecting and journaling. 

Today’s post, as well as the posts for the next two day contain the words from his journal. I commend his reflections to you.


Day One

I am
and thinking
and sad
What is troubling
The insistence
to do / say / be
a wise person
who brings
insight instead
of anger
or mind numbing
there is Orlando
and fear
and anger
and blame
and grief.
Where is
the wisdom?
The leadership
that unites
a neighborhood
of divisive people

I see
the many sides
and the
many paths
We are
at a crossroads.
The way
forward is
not backward
to old answers or
but responses
of the heart.
We need
a time out
to reflect
to be silent
to hear our many voices
to wrestle
and to feel.
Wisdom combines
all that I am
into one voice.
Words must
include feelings
as well as reason
a diversity
of emotions
that is a
Pentecost of language
with one narrative
an alternative response.
I must
visit the depth
of my experience
and the
cauldron of my emotions
birthing all
into a call
to live beyond
myself and my moment
into the presence
of Yeshua
a way of
love and truth
calling me
to live beyond
my emotional reactions
into His way.
Words carefully chosen,
few in number,
and pointing
me beyond myself
to declare
God’s presence
in our midst.

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