Reflections from Head and Heart

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Ephesians 2:14-19    14 Christ is our peace. He made both Jews and Gentiles into one group. With his body, he broke down the barrier of hatred that divided us. 15 He canceled the detailed rules of the Law so that he could create one new person out of the two groups, making peace. 16 He reconciled them both as one body to God by the cross, which ended the hostility to God. 17 When he came, he announced the good news of peace to you who were far away from God and to those who were near. 18 We both have access to the Father through Christ by the one Spirit. 19 So now you are no longer strangers and aliens. Rather, you are fellow citizens with God’s people, and you belong to God’s household. (CEB)
[Scripture taken from the Common English Bible®, CEB® Copyright © 2010, 2011 by Common English Bible.Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.]

Reflections From the Head Center

We seem to revel in our differences — different tribes, different nationalities, different sub-cultures, different races, speakers of different languages, differing sexual orientations, social classes and strata that run counter to each other, varied political persuasions, and of course various religious backgrounds and belief systems. But to what avail? Does intensifying our differences bring us closer to the Way lived and taught by Yeshua? I don’t think so. Actually, you know that it doesn’t!

What is it that brings us closer to Yeshua and the Commonwealth of Peace and Justice? What is it that the spirit of Yeshua insists deep within you? How did / does Yeshua envision that our lives are to be lived in order that we may celebrate abundant life? Peace and justice are the clues. The peace that Yeshua insists is not the mere absence of violence. (However, that is a good start.) For Yeshua, peace means replacing violence with compassion while justice means assessing people on the basis of the values of the Commonwealth of Peace and Justice, rather than empire’s system of retribution and payback.

In Yeshua we have access to the spirit of the Commonwealth of Peace and Justice. That spirit cultivates an inner insistence, a curious call, unheard by the world around you — a call to pour out our lives for the least, the last, the lost, and the left out. When we follow the Way of Yeshua, we become insurrectionists for the Commonwealth and the divisions that seem to be the normalcy of civilization simply melt away and a new normalcy replaces it — a normalcy characterized by wholeness and wholesomeness, unity and solidarity, compassion and caring, peace and justice… and we become the very presence of God in the world. Perhaps.

Reflections From the Heart Center

“At one time”
all the time there is a
a struggle, a war,
a dividing line defining
who is in and who is out.

A great Wall of China –
a Berlin Wall
a border, a property line
a line in the sand
defining those acceptable
and the outcasts.

Yeshua entered
this violent confused tribal world
welcoming all
and walls disappeared
and people were confused
they found others
included as family and friends.

The identity of all
seemed to be chal
Yeshua did not
accept walls and boundaries.
He found value
in those he encountered loving,
accepting and

His life brought hope
and removed the distance
caused by walls
of suspicion
and distrust.

He did not recognize
the need for separation
and invited all to partake
of his love and acceptance.

The dualism
of the good and the bad
the in
s and the outs
was ended in his life
and the Way of his followers.

His Shalom reached
to all peoples.
He claims a world
as his family.
No part of his followers
would Forget that.

He was the cornerstone
of a new world view
which recognized
the gift of all.

His insistence was a nudge
to become one family
by his love.
The audacity of his acceptance
challenged all
who follow
They are joined
not by tribe or geography
but by love
becoming one through
his insistent love.

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