Tales of a Magic Monastery — Theophane the Monk

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 2.39.38 PMTheophane the Monk, Tales of a Magic Monastery (Crossroad Publishing Co., 1988).  

This book is a series of stories about a magic monastery. The book proudly proclaims “all these stories are true.” Of course, true does not mean historically factual. Their truth speaks to the authenticity of the inner journey of faithing.

I thought it good fortune to go to the Magic Monastery for Christmas. But at the foot of the hill sat a blind beggar, and when I drew near to give him some money, I hear him ask “Who will lead me into the heart of God?”

I couldn’t go on. Who would lead him into the heart of God? 

I sat down in front of him, I took his hands. “Together,” I said. “Together we will go into the heart of God.” (page 54)

The last story is a simple one: the monk was asked why he came to this monastery. “Because I heard that this was a REAL monastery.””Oh, no my friend, this is not a REAL monastery. This is just a MAGIC monastery.” He asks to be directed to a REAL monastery. “Why don’t you stand by the door and let people in. If you can even once REALLY let someone in, he will direct you to the real monastery.

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