My (small “t”) trinity

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Creative Commons Trinity” by Steve Hodgson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The pastor admitted that he was tackling a BIG subject, “Understanding the Mystery of the Eternal, Infinite, Triune God! — Really?”

I had hoped for more of the “Really?”
much like Caputo’s “Perhaps” but,
not too much “Really?” that morning.
too much the God of strong theology
the existent God
the only Godly insistence was to care for OUR needs
and encourage US 
through the Spirit.

The big, unanswered question:
how to explain God to a child
Dad’s answer — “Ask Mom.”
Mom’s answer — “Ask the pastor.”
Pastor’s answer (after too many long theological words) — “Ask your parents.”

So, how do I answer that question?
not by the concepts of a strong theology…
not by fancy theological words…
not even by Caputo-izing…

My best attempt, at this time
God is something deep within us and between us
that moves us to be more loving, compassionate, and caring
especially to those who are unloveable, dispassionate, uncaring
and to those marginalized by the structures and powers of the world…

In order to know what it means to be more
loving, compassionate, and caring
I look to the Way lived and taught by Yeshua
a Way that prioritizes the poor
and de-prioritizes the powerful

I know that such a life is not easy
(perhaps it’s impossible)
however, there seems to be a spirit
embedded deep in our DNA
that spooks us individually and in community
to support and encourage one another.

An inner Calling
an embodied Way
a supportive and encouraging Spirit

That is my (small “t”) trinity
my passing description of that divine mystery
that passes before us
and in us
and through us
in the name of God.

Spooky, isn’t it?

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