A Tale of Two Cousins

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To conclude a final class on the Parables (this one focused of a variety of perspectives on the Prodigal Son parable, my friend (Wayne) composed a parable which I edited. It follows:

There were two brothers of the covenant (cousins actually). They both wandered in the wilderness, wondering what they should do… how they should live their lives… how they would be faithful and obedient to their Father.

The older cousin confronted those around him with their disobedience to the law, asking them to repent and turn from their ways and be baptized. He was politically insubordinate and unyielding, speaking truth to power and, in the end his head was served up on a platter.

The younger of the two shared his life – loving and healing and inviting people to care for and about one another. He didn’t shrink before the religious or political authorities, but continued to favor the poor. He taught his followers and invited them to include all with compassion, rather than exclude and discriminate. He refrained from judging and that offended the leaders of the religious system which catered to political power. He was hung on a cross and resurrected in the lives of people like you and me.

When the family business is speaking truth to power and standing in solidarity with the poor, longevity is not expected. Personal and societal transformation is!

Let those who have ears to hear, listen carefully!

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